LaCache Wicked Fairy 6-Pack

LaCache Wicked Fairy 6-Pack


Fine Cabernet Sauvignon from the Perth Hills was used to create this outstanding wine. A few short hours on skins captured the exuberant fruit flavour and bright colour of the base wine, preserved by cool fermentation. The base wine was bottled traditionally for a second fermentation and aging on yeast lees for more than 10 years, yielding an extraordinary creamy complexity to complement the extravagant primary fruit flavours.

Intense aromas of black currant prepare the palate for a sensuous assault of fruit, enhanced by a creamy fullness deriving from the long term sur lie aging. The mellow, beautiful balance of the palate belies the exuberant sweet fruit aromas, and carries the wine slowly to a full and satisfying climax.

This intense sparkling red will age gracefully for up to 15 years.

Ideal with full flavoured dishes of all cuisines.